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The Chilton Publishing Company was founded in 1904 in West Philadelphia. Chilton soon became a trusted publisher of periodicals, especially for automotive repair. The company expanded well beyond the automotive industry, providing periodicals, conferences, and market research services to a wide variety of industries.Throughout those early years, the traditional Chilton standards for accuracy remained intact. Chilton delivered reliable information year after year, earning a reputation of being trustworthy, similar to the city's most famous founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

In 2003, the Thomson Corporation bought the Chilton automotive assets. It immediately invested in the Chilton brand, infusing its technologies and learning competencies into the venerable legacy of Chilton automotive content. In 2007 Thomson Learning became Cengage Learning. Today Chilton's editors continue to carefully craft information so that automotive enthusiasts, students and service professionals can rely on the Chilton legacy in information excellence. Cengage Learning's Academic and Professional Group is proud to be the publisher of Chilton content and products while increasingly utilizing technology to better serve today's changing needs. Cengage Learning employs over 9,400 people worldwide, providing access to resources that can be combined and customized to provide tailored solutions for education, consumer and professional markets.

Tools & Manuals

Browse Bavarian Autosport's catalog of specialty BMW and MINI tools and adapters, along with our library of service manuals to help you complete any service on your vehicle at home.

BMW and MINI vehicles have a reputation for expensive and difficult cars to service, repair, and maintain and that's because dealerships and repair shops charge a lot of money to do what amounts to basic, simple tasks. With the help of Bavarian Autosport, you can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars over the time you own your BMW or MINI. It's our mission to give you the resources like free technical help, 1000+ Q&A's, and more than 100 DIY videos on our blog, that will make nearly any repair or maintenance task easy and inexpensive to do yourself.

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