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Cal Duster

The Original California Car Duster Company has been making quality products since 1989. The original California Car Duster is a unique and ingenious lightweight and easy to use cleaning powerhouse. The key to why the California Car Duster is so effective with removing dust from car surfaces is the special blend of permanently baked in paraffin treatment, which is fused to the 100% cotton strands of the mop head. It works similar to a magnet, attracting and holding pesky dust particles from your vehicle's surface. This greatly reduces the number of washings you need to perform to keep your ride in tiptop shape. The best part is that you can safely use it on any automotive surface. They now also have a host of other cleaning products available.

Tires & Wheels

In this category you'll find the individual wheels and tires, as well as complete wheel and tire packages. You'll also find the accessories including lug nuts, tools, TPMS sensors and the small parts that go with the wheels and tires of your BMW or MINI.

BMW and MINI vehicles have a reputation for expensive and difficult cars to service, repair, and maintain and that's because dealerships and repair shops charge a lot of money to do what amounts to basic, simple tasks. With the help of Bavarian Autosport, you can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars over the time you own your BMW or MINI. It's our mission to give you the resources like free technical help, 1000+ Q&A's, and more than 100 DIY videos on our blog, that will make nearly any repair or maintenance task easy and inexpensive to do yourself.

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