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WeissLicht Spektrum LED Fog Light Bulbs - H8


BRAND: WeissLicht

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$85.00 / each
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Spektrum LED fog light bulbs are a better color match to factory xenon headlights than any other bulb on the market.

Design Features:

  • Most Compact Super Powerful 5 watt LED Sources - Spektrum uses one of the most powerful and compact 5 watt LED light sources available on the market today. Made by CREE Japan.
  • Best Available LED Bulb Concealment - Ultra compact LED source points for the best concealed LED bulbs available. Even little LEDs reflect greatly in your cars lens when off. Any colour source will spill and be magnified in your lens.
  • "Maximum Illumination" Design - Our LED point sources are super-powerful CREE 2x2mm and are found on 4 side only. This balance allows for ultimate concealment while maintaining maximum output.
  • Largest LED Reflector - Spektrum reduces the amount of LEDs used as well as their size, and uses the bulb surfaces to create a deep well reflector that maximizes the output of the point source before it hits the vehicle lens. This allows Spektrum bulbs to be as bright as the highest powered 50 and 80 watt bulbs available when tested in a lens.
  • Most Efficient Design - Using less LEDs reducesheat output; prolonging the life of the bulb, while not reducing output numbers.
  • Heat Dissipating Aluminum Body - Spektrum bulbs features an all aluminum body with untextured polished surfaces to reflect more light.

PLEASE NOTE: May produce "bulb out" error message. Error cancelers sold separately. This product is not meant to be a replacement for your fog lights in terms of performance. They do not project like your factory bulbs. These bulbs have a very intense source light when looking at your vehicle, but do not utilize the fog lens the same way as conventional bulbs. Although they do not project like fog lights they do have the power to illuminate the ground in front of the vehicle for a few feet.

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