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Ignition Coil - Sold Individually - Bosch

PART#: 0 221 504 470

BRAND: Bosch

Availability: Currently in stock

$22.95 / each
Ships for free if total order exceeds $99

This high quality BOSCH ignition coil is designed to give your engine the same exact spark that was intended by the BMW engineers that designed the engine. Built to last and provide the performance that your car rolled off the assembly line with. Bosch is a longtime supplier to BMW and MINI and well-known in the automotive industry as a leader in spark technology.

Same as 12 13 7 594 937 and 12 13 7 571 643.

Customer Reviews

Great OEM replacement

By BRIAN on August 5, 2018

Great OEM replacement.

Great product at a great price.

By Steve on October 30, 2017

Just installed in a 2011 E90 SULEV. Fit was perfect and the new coil made the engine purr like a kitten again. Great price for a great product. Purchased one extra spare to have on hand and will order more if ever needed.

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Bosch is a leading global supplier of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology. Founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886 by Robert Bosch, the company originated as a "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering." Including its 300 subsidiaries and affiliated companies today, the Bosch Group is present in more than 60 countries, and has some 285,000 employees,170,000 of them outside Germany. Innovations from Bosch have had a decisive influence on automobile history. As the world's largest independent parts supplier to the automotive industry, they significantly contribute toward making driving ever safer, cleaner and more economical. Their engineers develop and test product innovations for motor vehicle manufacturers in research centers around the world. Bosch products only go into production - for new vehicles produced by many different manufacturers around the world - once they have undergone extensive testing and meet their strict quality requirements. Bosch has created many systems and components for BMW including but not limited to fuel delivery, engine management, engine electrical, motors for windows, wipers etc., oxygen sensors, spark plugs and on and on.

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