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Magnetic Engine Oil Drain Plug - Dimple

PART#: SS M16X1.5

BRAND: Dimple

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Magnetic drain plugs -- a proven way to prolong the life of your engine.

Motor oil works best when it is uncontaminated. Continuous friction in your engine creates tiny metal particles that contaminate the oil. These particles are measured in microns (one millionth of a meter: 25 microns = .001"). Oil filters catch the particles larger than about 35 microns, but they do not remove the smaller particles. Even after an oil change, there are still contaminants left in the engine. Over time, these metal particles are circulated millions of times, polishing (wearing) down the metal components inside your engine, degrading its performance and shortening the engine's life until it wears out. Magnetic drain plugs remove the smaller metal particles the oil filter can't, extending the useful life of your engine. It is also less likely that you will experience oil oxidation, as the metal particles that contribute to the process of oxidation adhere to the magnet. We think Dimple™ makes the finest magnetic drain plugs we've ever used. What makes Dimple™ plugs different from other magnetic drain plugs? The magnets. All magnets are not created equal -- Dimple's "Black Hole™" high-temperature magnets are the strongest, high-temperature, neodymium magnets in the world. Regular neodymium magnets lose magnetism at 175° F; Dimple's magnets are rated at over 300° F, so they continue to grab those destructive metal particles even when things get hot. In addition, Dimple's magnets degrade at the incredibly slow rate of ½ of 1% every 100 years, so they are guaranteed to work throughout your lifetime.


  • Custom made for BMW vehicles, featuring a large 8 mm neodymium magnet rated at 300° F.
  • M16 x 1.5

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When Richard Jodoin worked with Rockets and Jet engines at Pratt and Whitney's research facility in Florida, he learned the importance of particle free oil, and how extreme magnetism can help greatly in extending the life of an engine, transmission or any component than runs in oil, by removing ferrous metals from the oil. After he retired he began modifying non magnetic drain plugs with Super Powerful N42SH Neodymium magnets. These magnets work in temperatures up to 300 degrees F unlike the common Neodymium magnetic drain plugs that can only withstand temperatures to 175 degrees F. The drain plugs are made on a CNC Lathe from billet steel, plated with Electroless Nickel and then assembled with the magnets. The quality that ensued makes them the best steel Super Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs available anywhere in the World. They are made in North Carolina, USA and distributed worldwide.

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