Meet Your Advisor

While there probably won’t be a "Boys of Bavarian" calendar coming out any time soon, our advisors are friendly, knowledgeable, car guys who take pride in their work and enjoy helping BMW and MINI owners get the right parts for their cars. Combined, these folks have more than 300 years of experience -- yours for the asking.

Aaron Terravechia

Aaron originally joined Bavarian as a phone rep in April of 2007. In 2008, he moved to NYC while his fiance completed her Masters degree. While in NYC, he helped create an internet sales division for a company that sold upscale room partitions for apartments and businesses throughout the country. He moved back to NH and rejoined us in June 2010. An avid car guy, Aaron has been buying, working on and selling Volkswagens for many years. His favorite BMWs are the classic E30 M3 and E28 M5. A New Hampshire native, Aaron graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2002 with a degree in Political Science and minor in History. His goal is to someday import Euro-spec German cars into the United States on a regular basis. Aaron can be reached at extension 1248 or at [email protected].

Alan Pierce

Al is one of the senior phone reps here at Bavarian Autosport, having been with the company since 1990. Over the years, Al has owned a variety of BMWs, including a 1989 325is (in which he installed a 1995 M3 engine), a 1995 M3, a 2000 328ci, a 2001 330ci, a 1996 318ti... all of which had some form of suspension upgrade. Al performed all the maintenance on these vehicles himself, making him extremely familiar with a wide variety of systems. His enthusiasm for performance vehicles doesn’t end with cars - he has also owned several motorcycles, including a 2006 BMW K1200S. Al can be reached at extension 1242 or at [email protected]

Andrew Nelson

Andrew started working at Bavarian in early 2014. Prior to joining us he had been a salesman at Turner Motorsport. A die-hard automotive enthusiast, Andrew has owned or worked on several BMWs including a '86 325e, '87 325es, '91 318i and his current ride, a 1996 328is. He started out as a VW fan and had his arms elbow-deep in nearly dozen MkIIs plus an MkIII and MkIV. What converted him to BMWs? Andrew says, “I decided to get a car that didn’t break down as often.” When he’s not working on his own BMW or helping customers with theirs, Andrew enjoys skiing, snow boarding, mountain biking… just about any outdoor activity. Andrew can be reached at extension 1255 or at [email protected].

Bob Weeks

Bob became a Bavarian Autosport employee in September of 1997. For the first five years of his tenure here, he worked in sales – both as a phone rep and in the showroom – helping BMW enthusiasts figure out what parts they needed for their Bimmers. A few years ago, his friendly, patient and thorough manner in dealing with customers earned him an invitation to join the Customer Service team. He now spends the majority of his time assisting Bavarian Autosport customers who have questions about product usage, installation, order changes, etc. Bob has owned a 1984 318i (in which he put a 325i motor and drive train) as well as two different 1976 2002s. His current ride is an E46 3 series. Interests outside work include motorcycles (he currently has a Triumph Sprint ST), hiking, fishing and hunting. Bob must like his job very much – he commutes to Portsmouth from his home in Concord, NH, more than 50 miles away. (No wonder he wants a fast bike!) Bob can be reached at extension 1268 or at [email protected].

Brian Sanner

This is Brian’s second stint with Bavarian Autosport. He originally worked here from 2003 through 2006. He left us to work as a CNC set-up machinist for several years, then moved to NYC and was a department manager at FAO Schwartz 5th Avenue. Brian moved back to NH in 2011 and we jumped at the opportunity to hire him again in December of 2011. His favorite BMW is a toss-up between the Isetta and the entire E30 chassis (3 series 84 thru 91). Brian is very active in the local skateboarding scene. He has been skateboarding since the mid-1990s and says he will continue to skateboard until he can no longer stand on a skateboard. Brian is also an Eagle Scout and works with his two boys that are in boys scouts (they want to become an Eagle Scout like their father.) When Brian has any free time, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking anything that has to do with being outdoors. He can be reached at extension 1270 or at [email protected]

Dan Frigulietti

Customer Service Manager Dan Frigulietti (pronounced “Frij–u–LET–ee”), has been into cars and motorcycles since he was a kid. After high school, he joined the Air Force and worked the flight line as a C-130 mechanic. Upon graduating the University of New Hampshire, Dan joined Bavarian Autosport in June of 1991 as a Sales/Customer Service Rep. Over the years he has owned a slew of BMWs (79 323i, 86 325es, 94 525i, 96 328i). His current BMW is an X5 outfitted with all kinds of Thule racks for his mountain bikes, kayaks, etc. Dan can be reached at extension 1246 or at [email protected]

Gordon Arnold

Gordon grew up in the Motor City (Detroit). In fact, his first real job was on the engine assembly line at Ford’s original manufacturing plant. His love for internal combustion started with repairing his neighbors’ lawn mowers, which then grew into hot-rodding go-karts and mini-bikes, and eventually to owning, building and driving high-horsepower hot rods, frequenting Woodward Ave, and other Detroit area cruising venues. Gordon joined Bavarian Autosport in June of 1991. Since then he has owned a long string of BMWs, including multiple 3 series thru 91 (several Euros among them), and many 5 series thru 88, including an M5. He now has his entire, extended family driving BMWs - 9 in all! In addition to being Sales Manager here, Gordon plays the role of "Bavarian Otto" answering tech questions on our blog and in our DIY videos. He is often asked to contribute to the Tech columns in Bimmer and Roundel, is a past-president of the BMW CCA White Mountain chapter and attends CCA driver schools at New Hampshire International Speedway. Gordon can be reached at extension 1241 or at [email protected]

Ian Nersesian

Ian has been with Bavarian Autosport since 2002. He came to the company after more than two years of service at a well-respected BMW dealership here in New England. Over the years, Ian has owned quite a few 3 series and has worked on just about all other BMW models. As you might imagine, Ian performs all the mods on his own cars and has a good working knowledge of all automotive systems. Ian can be reached at extension 1251 or at [email protected]

Jesse VanDeinse

Jesse joined Bavarian Autosport in 2011. Prior to that he worked at a BMW dealership in Florida, both as a sales consultant and a service writer, before moving back to NH to work at the leading Independent BMW dealership in the state. His first car was a 1986 BMW 325e and he has been in love with the brand ever since. He and his father are both huge enthusiasts and currently own many BMWs and MINIs, including a 1990 E30 M3, 1974 2002, 1969 1600, 1998 E36 M3 with many mods, 1995 E34 525i, 2003 Mini Cooper S, and many models of their personal favorite, the E30 chassis 325s. I has had the privilege of traveling several times to Spartanburg, SC, to visit the BMW Zentrum and has participated in the BMW driving school. He really enjoys the classic BMWs and hope to someday own a pristine M1. (Don’t we all!) Besides BMWs, his passions include collecting vintage movie posters and movie memorabilia, buying and selling odd and eclectic antiques, and collecting vintage gas station Americana. Jesse can be reached at extension 1243 or at [email protected]

Jon Broome

Jon (or J.J.B. as he is known around here) has been involved in the automotive parts industry since he was 18. How many years is that? He’d rather not say, but he did tell us that he became a Bavarian Autosport phone rep in 1996, making him one of the most experienced members of our team. Over the years, Jon has owned and worked on a wide variety of BMWs: a 1984 533i, a 1987 535is (that one was really sweet!), a 1972 2002, a 1985 325e, 1988 325e and 1989 325i. His current rides are a 1991 325i and 1999 740i Sport. In addition to helping hundreds of BMW and MINI owners to upgrade, maintain and repair their cars every week, Jon is constantly on the lookout for new products that make owning and driving a BMW more enjoyable. Jon can be reached at 1257 or at [email protected]

Ken Doolittle

Ken began working at Bavarian Autosport in 2012 and currently manages our showroom here in Portsmouth. Prior to joining us he worked as automotive rep for an environmental products and services company, as well as a service & parts advisor at a Mazda dealership. An avid car guy, Ken has owned the following: 1962 Chevy Bel Air bubbletop, 1966 Ford Thunderbird, 1972 Subaru, 1974 Opel Manta, 1976 Toyota Celica, 1978 Buick Regal Turbo, 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, 1976 Lancia Beta Coupe, 1984 VW GTI, 1984 Mazda RX-7, 1992 Hyundai Excel, 1998 Mercury Mystique, 1992 Toyota Camry, 1999 Volvo AWD wagon, 1999 & 2001 Ford Ranger pick-up, 2002 Ford F-150 Super Crew, 2000 VW 1.8T Jetta, 2006 Mazda Speed6. plus a couple of Suzuki motorcycles. Ken’s hobbies include spending time with family and friends, writing about the cars he has owned, traveling, and checking out flea markets and antique shops, then reselling the stuff he finds. His favorite BMW would have to be an E30 convertible. Ken can be reached at extension 1247 or at [email protected]

Mike Ury

This is Mike’s second stint with Bavarian Autosport. He first started with the company in July of 2002, worked for two years until July 2004, took a leave of absence for two years, then returned to us in July 2006. Prior to joining Bavarian, Mike was a professional mechanic for 17 years -- ASE Certified Master Technician and SAAB Master Technician -- working in several area dealerships and independent repair shops specializing in foreign cars. His last technician job was as Assistant Service Manager at a local SAAB dealer. Over those 17 years, Mike worked on almost every BMW model at one time or another. He currently owns a fully restored and modified 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7, a highly accessorized 1992 SAAB 900s, an almost mint 1970 Ford F100 Short Bed Ranger Sport Deluxe full-sized pick-up truck, a 2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring model, a Toyota FJ Cruiser, and a more recent acquisition -- a BMW 1600. He also owns a boat (1966 Larson 16’ All American with an 80hp Johnson outboard) and a motorcycle (2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 750). "I enjoy tinkering with anything that burns gas," says Mike, stating the obvious. He also loves to travel -- he traveled all over Europe in the summer of 1994. When he was on his leave-of-absence from Bavarian Autosport, he drove his SAAB across the U.S.... twice! Mike holds a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from the Whittimore School at the University of New Hampshire. Mike can be reached at extension 1267 or at [email protected]

Nicholas Lynch

Nick started his dream job at Bavarian in 2014. He has been an avid automotive enthusiast and hobby restorer since the age of seven, when he began helping his grandfather restore a '67 Chevrolet Camaro. Nick's interests expanded to include many other marques, including Volkswagen, Audi and Volvo. At age 17, he purchased and restored his favorite (and still current) car — an '87 325is. Nick has an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and Technology from Great Bay Community College, as well as a degree in Applied Science in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University, where he landed an internship that eventually turned into a job as a Technician at a Toyota dealership. During his time there he acquired four ASE certifications and became a Toyota Master Tech. He is also A/C certified. Nick has also worked at a local repair shop and a large dealership group. Apparently Nick’s passion for BMWs is highly contagious and has infected several family members and friends; he has helped them to purchase and maintain a long list of Bimmers and MINIs, including a '94 325is, '07 328xi, '06 750i, ''11 328xi, '07 525i, '09 Cooper S and '08 Clubman. Nick also loves to ski, snowmobile and camp. He plans on getting married in 2016 and says his BMW will be in all of the outdoor photos (if his fiancée allows it). Nick’s extensive restoration experience and mechanical knowledge can be extremely helpful to those with difficult questions. He can be reached at extension 1266 or at [email protected].

Rob Gibney

Tired of the long hours he worked as a sous chef in a fine dining establishment in Maine, Rob decided to pursue his other passion - BMWs. He started at Bavarian Autosport in May of 2001 and hasn’t looked back. He has owned a ‘79 320/6, an ‘80 320i and an ‘86 325e. His current car is a 1983 320i into which he’s stuffed an ‘87 325i 2.5 liter engine he modified with a 524td forged crankshaft, custom oversized pistons and aluminum flywheel. The head was been ported and polished, the stock cam was replaced with a 288 Schrick cam, and the injection system was replaced with three Weber downdraft carburetors. For the exhaust, he installed Bavarian Autosport headers that mated up to a 3" single pipe system in the rear. The suspension used Bavarian Autosport springs, Bilstein sport shocks/struts and Bavarian Autosport stress bars front and rear. He also used our Ultimate brake rotors, front and rear. His current ride is a 2000 528iT with black Beyern Mesh wheels. Rob works in Customer Service and can be reached at extension 1264 or at [email protected]