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Glyco creates bearings that have several layers of self-lubricating material, which means that they don't need to be lubricated at all after the initial installation. This means the bearings will last longer without maintenance than regular brands. Modern day engines are designed to lower CO2 emissions while also being more powerful and utilizing less gas. Traditional bearings may wear down under the extreme pressure and temperature. Glyco's lightweight bearings and bushings are designed to perform well under these conditions.

Engine & Drivetrain

Shop the parts you need to improve or maintain your BMW engine here. At Bavarian Autosport, we stock products for the cooling and fuel systems, transmission and clutch assemblies, to all of the filters, belts, and fluids that your MINI or BMW will ever need. Click the categories below to browse our complete catalog of both OEM and aftermarket parts for your vehicle.

For more than four decades, Bavarian Autosport has been helping BMW and MINI enthusiasts maintain, repair, and upgrade their vehicles while saving thousands of dollars in shop fees. Throughout our history it has been our mission to give every Mini or BMW owner the resources to take on nearly any repair or maintenance task themselves. With more than 100 DIY videos and free tech help available on our site, there is no job that is too big. We have a full team of advisers ready to answer your technical questions and help you find the right part for your Mini or BMW by phone or email. And if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, returns are easy and hassle-free.

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