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NARVA Germany was founded in East Germany at the end of world war two with the fortunate discovery of old OSRAM machinery in an abandoned textile factory where lamp manufacturing for general lighting was once conducted. The business began with 190 employees working out of a 500 square meter production facility. Within a few short years the company added the production of automotive lamps to its range and quickly established itself as a player in automotive lighting for the aftermarket industry, particularly in Eastern Europe. The new brand NARVA was first registered in 1957 and reflects some of the necessary materials and processes required to develop a quality globe: N for Nitrogen, AR for Argon and VA for Vacuum. By this time the company had grown to employ more than 1000 workers with an ever increasing product range of over 560 different types of globes. Rapidly NARVA became known as a quality manufacturer capable of producing both industrial and automotive lamps.

Over a period of 10 years, Narva has invested heavily in the construction of new buildings, warehousing and machinery to handle the ever expanding range and the continuing growth of the company. Advancements in globe technologies have seen the company's exports grow to 65% with sales to 71 countries around the globe. With the falling of the Berlin wall a new partnership between NARVA Germany and PHILIPS began. During this time 75% of the entire production was made up of vehicle and miniature globes with the remaining 25% consisting of projector and special bulbs for traditional lamps, headlights and projectors. Today NARVA Germany is a wholly owned division of PHILIPS and part of the world's largest electronics corporation.


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