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LTW5 Wheel -- 18x10 (19.2 lb.) - ET43 - Black - D-Force

PART#: LTW5181043BML

BRAND: D-Force

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The LTW-5 is a semi-forged, lightweight wheel that has been designed and manufactured specifically for BMWs. By reducing the weight of your wheels (rotational mass), you'll improve your BMW's acceleration, handling, braking and fuel economy, plus you'll reduce wear-and-tear on suspension components. This beneficial weight-savings is achieved through a unique manufacturing process: The center area of the wheel is first cast in a low pressure mold, then the wheel is placed on a CNC machine where it is pressed, heated, and spun simultaneously. This forces the aluminum in the barrel area of the wheel to be thinner than a cast wheel yet molecularly more dense, resulting in a semi-forged finish that provides more strength from less mass. The result is a wheel with the reduced weight and similar load-bearing strength of a forged wheel, but at a much lower cost.

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You're reviewing: LTW5 Wheel -- 18x10 (19.2 lb.) - ET43 - Black - D-Force

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D-Force Wheels is a brand new company whose dedication and focus is the construction of lightweight wheels. D-Force uses a process called "Flow Forming" during manufacturing which results in lighter, stronger, and dent resistant alloy wheel. Lighter, stronger wheels can greatly enhance vehicle speed, making these a great choice for the track or the streets. Starting with the finest virgin alloys D-Force the center of the wheel is cast, then spun on a CNC machine where it is pressed, heated and spun simultaneously. This results in a semi-forged finish that is thinner but more dense making it stronger but with less weight. This is an all around unprecedented combination of weight, looks, strength and price that you just can't beat!

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