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SmartWax® - 100% Pure Carnauba-based Wax & Polish - (437ml)

PART#: 20102

BRAND: Smartwax

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SmartWax® - 100% Pure Carnauba-based Wax & Polish - (437ml) in KIT


Smartwax® provides the best liquid carnauba shine that modern chemistry can engineer. Smartwax combines 100% Brazilian Grade A Carnauba Wax, -- nature's most refined wax -- with the latest in innovative gloss enhancers and surface protectants to bring out your vehicle's highest level of shine. 16 oz.

Brand Description

SmartWax products are formulated using premium ingredients that will not harm and damage surfaces. After all if you love something why would you hurt it? At SmartWax they believe in making products that are just that… smart. Made in California, U.S.A.


Everything we sell comes with a minimum 12-month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, products that carry the Bavarian Autosport brand come with a minimum 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. (Some have lifetime warranties!) If you are unhappy with a product's quality or performance, simply let us know. We'll make it right. Call us at 800.535.2002 or e-mail [email protected].

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