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Tyvek Interior Cover


BRAND: Cal Pop Top

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$74.95 / each
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Lightweight, easy-to-install cover protects your entire interior from sun and heat. Unlike a sun shade that fills just your windshield, this clever cover blocks the sun from all of your BMW's windows. Made of DuPont Tyvek, it weighs about one pound and goes on or off in about 1 minute. Just slip it over your side mirrors, grab the draw cords, walk to the rear of your BMW and pull the cords snug. Packs up small in its own protective pocket for clean storage. Works with the top up or down.

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California Pop Top makes an innovative sun shading product that covers all windows and pops on and off in a snap. The California PopTop's patented fastening band runs across the windshield, under the outside mirrors and is pulled tightly in place around the vehicle by a draw cord attached to each rear corner of the cover. The cords are typically placed in the gap on each side of the trunk and terminate with a hook and cord-locking mechanism. Simply pull the cords tightly, slip the hook under the trunk lid, then position the cord lock against the hook to fasten the California PopTopT onto the vehicle.

The California PopTop was picked as one of the Top 25 Product Picks from SEMA Automotive Show in 2006.

In August 2010 they made a decision to move their manufacturing from China back to the USA. Last year 81% of the products they sold were made in America, and 100% of new production was made in the USA.

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