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Tread Depth Tire Gauge


BRAND: Accutire

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$14.95 / each
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Digital gauge measures both air pressure and tire tread depth. Reads pressure in your choice of psi/bars/kPa/kgcm2, and tread depth in inches or millimeters. Pressure reading range is 5-99 psi; tread depth range is 0-19/32". Extra large readout is easy to view. One button control for switching between pressure and tread depth. "Auto off" feature saves the battery (included).

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Accutire products are made by Measurement Ltd specializing in the design and manufacture of sensor products. With a global operation comprising a vertically integrated factory with state of the art automation in China and extensive Research and Development Centers in Shenzhen and Newport News, Virginia, Measurement Ltd is well- placed to handle OEM projects and more standard sensor requirements from customers world- wide. Compliance with ROHS and other standards is assured by top of the range SMT machinery, fully automated assembly, testing and oven reflow. Measurement Ltd global employees more than 2,000, our customers over the world.

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