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Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season Tire - Size 255/40/18

PART#: PI1900500

BRAND: Pirelli

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$236.95 / each


The ultra high performance all season tire that provides precision handling in all conditions.

The asymmetric all season tread design offers precision handling in all conditions, even at the limit. A solid center rib gives a constant and consistent contact patch with the road, while requiring shorter braking distances and offering quicker acceleration in both dry and wet conditions. Four longitudinal and numerous lateral grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning when cornering.

  • Consistent grip for acceleration and braking A solid center rib of slick-like rubber provides excellent control.
  • Wet Grip Four proportioned channels improve safety and control in aquaplaning situations.
  • Winter Traction Increased sipes and asymetric tread pattern offer optimized footprint for all weather conditions.


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Brand Description

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 by Giovanni Pirelli. In 1890 Pirelli entered the tire industry with the development of their first bicycle tire. In 1901, Pirelli produced their first automobile tire. Today Pirelli is one of the top five largest tire manufacturers in the world. Pirelli applies the same high standards for quality and performance across its entire product line, using advancing tire technology to produce all-season tires, winter tires, touring tires and high performance tires for all makes and models.


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