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Tensioner for Water Pump / Alternator Belt - Only for Mechanical Belt Tensioner - pulley included - URO

PART#: 11 28 1 427252A


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$32.95 / each
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Customer Reviews

Easy repair - Level 1 out of 5

By JOHN on August 29, 2017

Does your car have a wobble squeal or grinding sound coming from the driver side front of the motor. Before assuming it's your alternator bearings check this tensioner. Use a mechanics stethoscope to confirm and isolate the noise to this item. Once confirmed order a replacement and make a solid repair. I recommend if you happen to be needing to replace your alternator that you go ahead and replace this tensioner and the A/C belt tensioner along with both belts to ensure a quality repair.

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You're reviewing: Tensioner for Water Pump / Alternator Belt - Only for Mechanical Belt Tensioner - pulley included - URO

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