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Heavy Duty Skid Plate - Race Skid

PART#: RSP E34/M30

BRAND: Race Skids

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Avoid expensive damage to the underside of your 5 series. The 5 series 89 thru 95 (E34) rides very low to the ground. This can cause the car to bottom out (the underside hits the ground). The plastic belly pan that came on these cars didn't offer much protect to begin with, and they are often damaged or missing altogether. This leaves the oil pan susceptible to damage by road debris, ice chunks and seemingly minor off-road excursions. (We've seen engines destroyed as a result of the subsequent loss of oil )

This heavy-duty, 10-gauge, steel skid plate offers much better protection for the underside of the engine bay. The time you put into replacing it is going to be the same, so why wouldn't you install a much better product and avoid the possibility of catastrophic damage to your beloved Bimmer?

Mounting hardware included.


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Brand Description

At RACE SKIDS our design philosophy is simple. Cover as much as we can and still make a great looking affective skid plate. The skid plate protects your oil pan, And that means that you can go low and feel confident that you are Safe!


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