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Secondary Air Pump - Pierburg

PART#: 7.21852.24.0

BRAND: Pierburg

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Please note: We are seeing a high rate of failure on secondary air pumps due to failure of the secondary air pump valve. This causes exhaust contamination of the pump and premature failure. A new valve, part number 11 72 1 435 420, must be purchased at the time of the secondary air pump sale to validate the 1-year warranty.

Attention AWD 325xi/330xi owners: We have noticed a number of cars after the 3/2003 production split using the earlier secondary air pump and valve setup. Please check your vehicle prior to ordering. The older system has a second vacuum line coming off the secondary air valve and the hose between the valve and the secondary air pump uses conventional hose clamps. The later system has no vacuum line off the valve and the hose between the valve and the secondary air pump is held in place with quick-connect fittings.

Brand Description

The Pierburg Group has been among the key partners of the automotive industry for more than 100 years. In its role as first-tier supplier, Pierburg has traditionally been one of the closest partners to the automotive industry, right from the start successfully advancing the development of the automobile. For these purposes, Pierburg offers high-technology solutions: water pumps, electrical actuators, secondary air systems, exhaust gas flaps, as well as the many different versions of drive modules. All these developments help to create an economically and ecologically balanced automobile. Low emissions, reduced fuel consumption, upgraded performance, reliability, quality, and safety - these are the forces that drive innovation at Pierburg.


Everything we sell comes with a minimum 12-month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, products that carry the Bavarian Autosport brand come with a minimum 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. (Some have lifetime warranties!) If you are unhappy with a product's quality or performance, simply let us know. We'll make it right. Call us at 800.535.2002 or e-mail [email protected].

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