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Rubber Gasket Sealant and Gasket Maker - Reinzosil

PART#: 000 043 203 73

BRAND: Victor Reinz

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Designed for use on all cut and formed rubber gaskets as well as for FIPG (Formed In Place Gasket) use,this sealant bonds to gaskets and base materials, increasing the bond strength of gaskets or forming strong non-gasket seals. Reinzosil also functions to hold gaskets in-place during installation. The non-hardening, soft-setting formula makes gasket repositioning quick and easy. Provides outstanding oil and fluid resistance. Also conditions and extends the life of cork, composite and paper gaskets.

Equivalent to 3-Bond 1209 and Permatex 85409, for use on valve cover gaskets that have 1/2-round humps for cylinder head cut-outs, as called out by BMW and in the applicable Bentley repair manuals.

70 ml tube.

The highly elastic universal sealing compound is resistant to mineral oils and numerous synthetic oils, lubricants, petrol, diesel oil, greases, hot and cold water, detergents, sunlight, ozone, and sea water.

Suitable for continuous operation in the temperature ranges between -50 °C and +250 °C (briefly up to 300 °C).

Instructions for use:

Remove any gasket remnants or other residues such as grease, oil, etc. Allow the surfaces to dry, then apply the Reinzosil on one side. Assemble the components immediately. Processing temperature lies between +5 °C and +40 °C. Depending on temperature and humidity, a skin develops after 5 to 12 minutes. The full curing time depends mainly on the relative air humidity (RH) and room temperature, as well as on the thickness (gap height) and width of the applied layer.

Excess or clean-up of product can be done with standard denatured alcohol

The following applies:

The higher that air humidity and temperature are, or the thinner and narrower the sealing layer is, the shorter will the curing time be. With a layer or gap width of e.g. 7 mm, and a thickness or gap height of 1,5 mm at 40 °C and 90 % RH, the full curing time is about 9 hours, provided that temperature and humidity have access to both sides. With the above sealing gap dimensions, but at normal ambient conditions (approx. 23 °C and 50 % RH), curing time would be about 100 hours. Fully cured (vulcanized) material can only be removed mechanically.

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The name REINZ represents a piece of German automotive history - and it is an exciting story. More than ninety years ago, at a time when spotting an automobile on the street was still an uncommon occurrence, Hugo Reinz GmbH was already in its first year of business. Today, 1.5 billion gaskets later, the name REINZ still stands for innovative gasket technology of the highest caliber - for original equipment in new cars, top-quality replacement parts, and industrial sealing products. With a broad spectrum of innovative products, REINZ is a preferred development partner to the European automotive industry and the market leader in many product segments.

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