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Tool - Circuit Tester - Power Probe III

Tool - Circuit Tester - Power Probe III


BRAND: Power Probe

$89.95 / each

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Easy to read backlit Voltmeter allows you to read voltage at the tip eliminating wasted time running to your toolbox for a voltmeter! 42V Ready right out of the box prepares you for the future now!

When you connect the Power Probe to the car's battery you have a multitude of testers at your finger tips.

Press the rocker switch forward and you'll have a hot lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, press the switch rearward and you will have an instant ground lead.

Simultaneously use the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand.

The polarity tester instantly identifies positive, negative and open circuits without having to re-polarize or reconnect hookup clips like with ordinary test lights.

Power Probes circuit breaker helps you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses.

Instantly check continuity of switches, relays and diodes.

Tool only in clamsheel pack.


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Customer Reviews

Very awesome ! They have everything I needed at crunch time ! Very excellent ! I say they are over the top ! : }~

By Hot Rod Timmy ! on February 2, 2018

Too Kewl ! ; }~

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