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Glacier Polish


BRAND: Wheelwax

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The easiest way to give your BMW or MINI a show-car finish. Glacier polish removes swirl marks, scratches and oxidation, and puts moisture back into your paint. It's long lasting, easy to apply and remove, chalk- and dust-free, and it doesn't leave a white residue on trim - just a durable, wet, mirror-like finish on the paint. Apply it by hand or with a buffer. 16oz. bottle.

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Wheel Wax is specially formulated to easily remove existing brake from your rims without scratching or harming the finish, while at the same time laying down a layer of brake dust repelling elements. After 24 hours, Wheel Wax changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel the brake dust. This also makes the wheels easy and quick to clean, and helps keep your BMW and MINI rims looking great longer!

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