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Oil Extractor - 10 Liter - Inserts Into Dip Stick Tube - Bavarian Autosport

PART#: B8800001

BRAND: Bavarian Autosport

Availability: Currently in stock

Regular Price: $89.95

Special Price $80.96 / each

Ships for free if total order exceeds $99

Change your oil without getting underneath the vehicle! This oil extractor pulls the oil out of your engine through the dip stick tube.

It can also be used to extract power steering fluid from the reservoir or to extract differential fluid on cars without a drain plug by using the Bavarian Autosport adapter part # B3300000.

10 liter capacity

Not for use on late model BMW's without an oil dip stick

Can also be connected to a compressed air supply to extract without pumping.

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Customer Reviews

Great tool for do it yourself.

By Kk on September 19, 2018

I just changed the oil in my 2003 525i.....the unit was very useful. I bought the oil fluid extractor plus oil change kit which included 7 quarts of liquid moly,oil filter and wrench for the oil filter. It took me less than 25 minutes. The oil extractor works very well beyond my expectation. I was expecting to pump my life took me only a few pumps to get all the oil out.i am very excited the dealer won't get the 120 dollars from me again. I have 4 cars 3 of them money saving event has began.


By Carl M on June 30, 2018

Just changed the oil in my MB! Drained almost 9 quarts in no time...did not have a stop watch but less than 10 min...should have been changing the oil filter but was too busy watching the oil drain. Anyway, solid build...but should have cap as I plan to take the unit to the recycle store.

Excellent Product!

By ROBERT on March 13, 2018

I recently purchased a 2018 Audi A4 Allroad wagon and when I went to change the oil in it for the first time, discovered that it was even more difficult to remove the under-engine cover than in my other cars. Clearly the manufacturer does not want owners to remove these under-engine covers, which I find annoying. In any event, I decided not to spend an hour removing the cover and almost gave up on the idea of changing the oil in this new car myself. Then I stumbled on a BavAuto YouTube video demonstrating their unique oil extractor and was intrigued.

I have two other oil extractors, a Mityvac 7400 and a Topsider, neither of which has worked very well for me in the past, so I was skeptical about this product but decided to order it anyway.

Although the unit is larger than my other oil extractors, which at first struck me as a disadvantage, I now understand the larger size. This unit accommodates a lot of oil, which depending on your engine can be an important consideration.

The quality of construction is really excellent. I also particularly like the onboard storage for the dipstick tubes.

Unlike my other oil extractors, this baby really works like a charm. It takes only seven or eight strokes of the sturdy pump handle to get the oil flowing. I have a small pancake air compressor that I hooked up to the unit once almost all of the oil was extracted, to see if any more could be removed. Using the air compressor, I was able to remove another 2 or 3 ounces of oil, which tells me that the hand pump is perfectly adequate for the job.

I was able to remove all of the oil from the engine without spilling a single drop, really excellent performance.

My only wish is that the pour spout came with a cap. Rather than transfer the oil into a separate container for recycling, it seems to me to make more sense simply to take the entire unit to the recycle facility and then dispose of the oil there, without transferring the oil from the extractor into a separate container. So I measured the diameter and depth of the pour spout and then went to Amazon where I found a cork stopper that matches these dimensions (WIDGETCO Size 19 Cork Stopper). I ordered the size 19 cork stopper and was very pleased when it fit the pour spout exactly. So now I simply close up the oil extractor using the cork stopper, take the unit to the recycle facility and then pour the oil out. This oil extractor has a vent valve on its top plate which, when released, allows the oil to pour out a very fast rate. It doesn't take long at all for all of the oil to pour out of the unit.

I'm very pleased with this product and recommend it highly. Thanks to BavAuto for this excellent and very useful oil extractor!

AAA rating in my humble opinon.

By Clyde on February 22, 2018

Bavarian auto sports sells high quality automotive products. Every item that I have purchased from this company has met or exceeded my expectation.

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