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BMW Performance Exhaust

BMW Performance Exhaust

PART#: 18 10 2 208 793

BRAND: BMW Performance

$1,197.00 / each

Availability: No Longer Available


Like a world class athlete, your BMW's engine needs increasingly more oxygen as it reaches it's physical limit. The BMW Performance Exhaust System produces an outflow of exhaust gasses that is freer flowing than stock, markedly reducing back pressure.Plus, it's made of a lightweight chrome-nickel alloy that significantly reduces weight.The result is that your engine runs more smoothly, revs higher and accelerates faster. Engine output is increased by up to 5 hp and 3 ftlb of torque. And it's gurgling growl will be music to your high-performance tuned ears.

Brand Description

Known for their precision and functionality down to the smallest detail, Genuine BMW parts are subject to the same standards of quality as BMW vehicles - from design, to engineering, to construction planning, to quality assurance. The precise, high-quality construction of each Genuine BMW part guarantees that all components in your BMW work together perfectly to provide original performance, maximum safety and proven longevity.

Genuine BMW parts are made by a variety of manufacturers and subcontractors in locations around the world, including Europe, Asia and North America. At Bavarian Autosport we sell Genuine BMW parts only -- we do not sell counterfeit or knockoff BMW parts. When you order a Genuine BMW part from us, it is the exact same part you would get at a BMW dealer.


Everything we sell comes with a minimum 12-month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, products that carry the Bavarian Autosport brand come with a minimum 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. (Some have lifetime warranties!) If you are unhappy with a product's quality or performance, simply let us know. We'll make it right. Call Customer Service at 800.535.2002, option 7, or e-mail [email protected].

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