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Media blaster kit - For purchase - Includes media blaster, walnut shell media and Bavarian Autosport plastic vacuum adapter

PART#: B1100008

BRAND: Bavarian Autosport

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Intake port media blaster decarboning kit. This is the DIY (Do It Yourself) kit that will allow you to effectively clean and de-carbon the intake ports and intake valves on your BMW N54 or N55 Turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, saving you hundreds of dollars over having this service done at the BMW dealer. The media blaster kit includes a 20lb pressure feed media blaster including water separator and pressure gauge, blasting wand, N54/N55 port adapter (attaches to your shop vac to catch the used media and deposits) and one 25 pound package of walnut shell blasting media. The walnut shells are specifically chosen to remove the deposits without causing any damage to the cylinder head or valves.

Use of this kit requires a medium sized air compressor (suggested minimum 20-30 gallon tank, 4.0 CFM @ 90psi), common "shop vac" and full hearing and eye protection.We recommend use of a remote starter switch such as part # CTA3012.

Please note: Intake manifold gasket set and Throttle body gasket, sold separately, must be replaced when removing intake manifold.

BMW DIY Video - Carbon Cleaning N54 and N55 Intake Ports and Valves

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You're reviewing: Media blaster kit - For purchase - Includes media blaster, walnut shell media and Bavarian Autosport plastic vacuum adapter

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