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Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner - 11 oz - CRC Industries

PART#: 05110


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Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor cleaner. Over time, or if you use an oiled air filter or intake in your BMW or MINI, build-up can occur on the MAF sensor, causing it to send erroneous information to the ECU. This can cause annoying engine performance issues. This spray cleaner removes that build-up, giving you improved air/fuel ratio, better MPG and even a slight increase in horsepower. Easy to use -- just remove the MAF from the engine, spray the cleaner and let it dry before reinstalling. Leaves no residue. 11 oz.

PLEASE NOTE: This item must be shipped via ground carrier, so it is available only in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.

The first product specifically developed to clean mass air flow sensors. Designed with advanced CozolĀ® technology. Increases horsepower & improves air/fuel ratio and MPG.

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