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Laser Shield - Laser Defense License Plate Shield - European Plates only

PART#: 90004

BRAND: On Track Automotive

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$29.95 / each
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Inexpensive insurance against costly speeding tickets. To obtain an effective reading at long distances, a police laser gun needs a flat surface to bounce off. Your front license plate is the preferred target. Laser Shield absorbs and diffuses incoming laser beams, giving you more time to respond to laser detector alerts. It's thin enough to slip into most license plate frames, it won't yellow and it's shatterproof under normal conditions. Available for both US and Euro-style plates. Please specify. Note: This device is legal in most areas. Check local statutes before ordering. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using these lenses in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.

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You're reviewing: Laser Shield - Laser Defense License Plate Shield - European Plates only

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