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Bavarian Autosport High-Performance Ignition Coil - Single Coil

PART#: 5002

BRAND: Bavarian Autosport

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$44.95 / each
Ships for free if total order exceeds $99
This BMW Ignition coil features core windings that have been modified to increase firepower and promote a faster, more efficient burn. This gives your BMW increased torque in the lower range of RPM and more horsepower in the upper range. Exact improvements depend on the current condition of your BMW engine, but you'll definitely feel the difference. They'll also improve your fuel economy. Plus this BMW ignition coil comes with new spark plug boots, making them an even better value. BMW Ignition coil replacement is a simple, do-it-yourself procedure that takes about 30 minutes.
Done shopping for your high performance ignition coil set? Be sure to check out our full line of BMW engine parts and more BMW OE parts and accessories. Bavarian Autosport helps keep BMW repair and maintenance costs low with our best price guarantee, free shipping on qualified orders and no sales tax.

Customer Reviews

High Performance Ignition Coils - Noticable Improvement - Buy Them

By MaritimeMan-1984 on August 23, 2018

For anyone on the fence regarding these ignition coils, DO NOT HESITATE. I am the original owner of a 165K (perfect) E36 M3 that loves these. I just put them in with NGK (BKR6EQUP) plugs and what a difference! I feel at least a 15% increase on the low and high-end. Regardless of the percentage - NOTICABLE. Makes me wonder why there have not been other rave reviews.

NOTE: NGK plugs do NOT require never-seize. The coating on the plugs is designed for the aluminum head of BMW engines. See their installation guide.

I am an enthusiast and currently have several BMWs. This is the first time a part something other than factory installed parts have ever seen any of my cars. Even if it requires changing the coils every 30-40K miles, well worth the performance enhancement.

Way to go BavAuto. I have said for some time that I am a customer for life, and this is another example where you have not disappointed.

Thank you!

Surprised by the outstanding performance and mileage improvement!

By BMW rocket man on August 8, 2017

I'm blessed with a low mileage(79,000) 2002 BMW 325i Sport Wagon.Built June ,2002,so I've got the better,improved 5 speed automatic.I'm the second owner.My code reader indicated a bad #1 coil. An independent BMW repair shop owner(free check)said coil#5 was bad also.So out came out all six stock coils, plugs and wires,replaced with six new BavAuto hp coils, wires and upgraded iridium plugs After I got the car running again, it was like driving a much faster car!!!WOW!!! I've already read all the dyno reports on the coils,however when you drive my BMW, you can leave so hard,it puts a huge smile on my face!My gas gauge stayed on full from Monday to Saturday after driving it very hard all week!I definitely recommend to install these coils on any similar vehicle so you can also feel the huge difference!!

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Bavarian Autosport High-Performance Ignition Coil - Single Coil in KIT


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