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Smart Glow Fuse - 25 amp Fuse - Spade Type


BRAND: Smart Glow

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Spot blown fuses instantly! The Smart Glow Fuse(TM) glows when it blows. Makes troubleshooting a snap, even in the dark. (Note: key must be in ON position.)

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Since Edward V. Sundt founded Littelfuse in 1927, they've been driven by innovation. Sundt invented the first small, fast-acting protective fuse to prevent sensitive test meters from burning out. From that pioneering first step, they have gone on to define the standards of the circuit protection industry. In the 1960s, they developed sub-miniature fuses for NASA, which were mission-critical components of the American space program. And in 1976, they introduced the groundbreaking Autofuser Fast-Acting Fuse for General Motors. Within eight years, it was being designed into vehicles all over the world. They again revolutionized automotive fuse protection in 1986 with the debut of the space-saving MINIr. Its smaller design allowed for the additional protection of on-board electronic accessories. Littelfuse acquired the Smart Glow line from Catalina Performance Accessories of Montainburg, Arkansas, in 2006. Smart Glow automotive blade fuses feature an indicator light that glows when the fuse is blown, saving time in troubleshooting an open circuit. In addition to making it easy to identify which fuse is blown, the color-coded fuses also indicate the amperage of the fuse that needs to be replaced.

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Smart Glow Fuse - 25 amp Fuse - Spade Type in KIT

Smart Glow Fuse Kit

SGF E36 92