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Curb Alert

PART#: 0210-160

BRAND: Vehicle Positioning

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$129.95 / each
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The cure for the common curb! The Curb -Alert™ uses a mini-sensor mounted unobtrusively on the front of the car (no drilling required) to warn you before you drive into curbing and ruin your bumper. It works like a back-up sensor, giving you an audible warning when you get too close to potential danger. Sensor alert distance is adjustable from 12 to 28 inches. Curb detection height is also adjustable, based on your vehicle's curb clearance. Installation is straightforward and requires running a wire through the firewall into the cabin. It could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs!

Scott H. writes:

"I ordered a curb alert unit for my wife's 2011 BMW 328i, which she was fond of crashing into parking curbs. The contents and packaging were great, the instructions were good, and the result is OUTSTANDING! I'll be ordering another one for her other car soon. Seriously, this is a well done product. I am not easily impressed and you have exceeded my expectations."

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