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Ultimate Clutch Pedal



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$294.95 / each
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  • The "Ultimate Clutch Pedal" is a short-throw clutch pedal made of billet 6061 aluminum heat-treated and anodized black.
  • "Slop" is completely eliminated by the use of precision maintenance-free bronze bushings and stiff billet CNC-design pivot block.
  • Feel is greatly increased due to the elimination of all plastic and flex in the pedal system.
  • The slightly shorter throw makes for quicker shifting and a more positive feel.
  • Lower pedal resting location (15mm lower) lines up pedal better when braking and requires less " leg-lift " from the dead-pedal.
  • The over-center spring is user adjustable with 3 settings (Stock - Sport - Race).
  • Easy 30-minute installation requires no alterations to the car and no special tools.
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    The UCP is an all-aluminum short-throw clutch pedal for modern BMWs designed to replace the plastic BMW clutch pedal arm. Factory nylon split bushings are replaced with self-lubricating bronze bushings designed to last the life of your car. The slightly shorter throw and lower resting point of the clutch pedal arm allows for quicker shifts and gives the car a more-sporty feel. Three over-center spring mounting locations allow the user to adjust the spring pressure for a more positive feel. This pedal kit was originally designed and developed by racers who wanted more performance and feel from their BMW on the track. Due to the easy install and factory looks, it is a perfect performance enhancement for any sporty-driven modern manual BMW. The kit comes complete with all necessary hardware, instructions and a Torx T20 wrench to help with installation and a new adjustable clutch pedal stop.

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