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Piston Ring Set - Euro 93.4mm with 4mm oil ring

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Piston Ring Set - Euro 93.4mm with 4mm oil ring

PART#: 2227

BRAND: Deves

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$139.95 / each

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Complete Set for 1 engine.

Brand Description

The Deves piston ring line started in Sweden about 1932, and was manufactured by Bildeve I Stockholm - makers of precision car lifts, industrial lifts and hydraulic elevators. The line quickly established a reputation for quality and advanced design. In 1965, Janasz corporation, with an international reputation in fine steels and precision machinery, began importing the Deves line into the United States. In 1976, Janasz corporation purchased the Deves factory, and brought the whole operation to this country. Also included was the secret ingredient that makes Deves rings the finest in the world - Swedish Metallurgy. Every step of the manufacturing process remains the same...every cut, every mold, every quality control and inspection process. Production personnel possess the same, if not higher, degree of skill and expertise required by the Deves line. All this in a dedicated effort to maintain the Deves reputation for quality, highest performance and outstanding features.


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