Motronic Engine Control Unit (ECU) Location

Motronic ECU
For owners of most BMWs from 1984 thru December 1994 the performance chip is a direct "plug-in" replacement and your BMW's Engine Control Unit (ECU) number will be required when ordering. Some models also require the OEM computer chip number, located inside the ECU.

Please refer to gray shaded area on ECU chart at left for your specific model.

We DO NOT offer performance upgrade chips for 1995 model BMWs produced from January 1995 through August 1995.


Full-range programming: Utilizing the only true, full-range programming in the industry, the Bavarian Autosport chip provides refinement and drive-ability second to none. Your car feels smoother, quicker, and more exciting under all conditions.

'Soft' rev-limiter: The Bavarian Autosport chip typically raises the factory rev-limiter slightly to extend the engine's operating range. Mainly intended for track and auto-cross use, as a way to 'hold a gear' during a curve, etc. our exclusive 'soft' rev-limiter offers better feel than stock and is much healthier for the engine.

Top speed limiter: If your BMW has a factory-set, top speed limiter, the Bavarian Autosport chip will remove it.


1) What is a chip or EPROM? An E-Prom is a static memory device (sort of like a floppy disk). The Engine Control Unit (ECU) looks to it only for data. If it cannot understand or does not like what it sees, it simply will not operate. Software can not damage hardware, therefore, provided the E-Prom is installed properly, there is no possibility that your computer can be damaged in any way.

2) How do chips work? Performance improvements are achieved through fine tuning the engine and not through a fundamental change in the way the engine operates. With a Performance E-Prom installed, your car should drive in every way as well as it did stock. Gas mileage, emissions, as well as engine longevity should not vary in any way, and although an 8% to 20% gain in power will make a dramatic difference in the way the car performs, it is no where near enough of an increase to adversely affect any part of the drivetrain.

3) Will it affect my vehicle's warranty? Your vehicle warranty is covered under the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act and copies of it are available through the Federal Trade Commission. To summarize; a manufacturer may under no circumstances void a new car warranty due to the installation of aftermarket parts. Further, they may only deny warranty to those specific parts of the automobile that the installed part affected, if and only if it can be proven to an independent party that the part in question caused a failure to those related parts.

4) Do you offer a warranty on your chips? Yes, we offer an exclusive 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on our performance chips, as well as any product that bears the Bavarian Autosport name.

5) Are there any drawbacks to putting a chip in my car? When it comes to EPROM upgrades, the drawbacks are few and minor. First, gas quality becomes much more important. The more aggressive ignition curve that comes with the chip means that you must run 91 or higher octane fuel, which is a little more expensive.

6) Why doesn't my vehicle manufacturer tune my car like you do in the first place? Even high performance cars from Porsche, BMW, and Audi that "require" premium or high test fuel only, are tuned at the factory to run on 87 octane gas. No manufacturer is going to depend on customers, to read the little stickers that say "Premium Fuel Only". Because your car is actually tuned to run on low octane fuel, the factory cannot extract the vehicle's full performance potential. By requiring you to run premium fuel in your car "or else", we can advance the timing and modify fuel maps to significantly increase your vehicle's horsepower and torque output.

7) Why don't you offer performance chips for the 1995 models that are produced from January 1995 through August 1995? Starting on January 1, 1995, BMW began using the EWS-II security system on all BMW models. The EWS-II system has unique, vehicle specific, codes that are stored on the EPROM chip... the same chip that is removed for installation of a performance chip. The new performance chip would NOT contain the unique security coding for each vehicle and this would prevent the engine from starting.

8) Why do your chips cost more than some others? When you purchase a Bavarian Autosport chip, you're purchasing the finest software available anywhere for your BMW. Most of our competitors do not produce full range power chips. Their chips work very well when your foot is flat to the floor, but they feel like stock at half throttle. Bavarian Autosport chips create extra power regardless of where the throttle pedal is. Whether tooling around town or tearing up the racetrack, Bavarian Autosport chips deliver.

9) Do I need other engine modifications with your chip? No, our chips will deliver the advertised horsepower and torque figures without any further modification to your automobile.